water heater repair campbell hall ny

Need Water Heater Installation and Repair Services in the New Windsor or Campbell Hall, NY Area?

Consider switching to a tankless unit to save money and conserve energy

Conventional water heaters consume a lot of fuel or electricity, so they can contribute to high utility bills. Clients of Spikes Repair Service in New Windsor or Campbell Hall, NY who’ve switched to tankless water heaters have reported savings of up to 20% — talk about an incentive to schedule water heater installation services!

A tankless water heater will also… 

  • Allow you to enjoy long, luxurious hot showers
  • Require less maintenance than your old unit
  • Last up to twice as long as a conventional water heater

We’ve made tankless water heater installation services affordable for residents of Orange County. Request a free estimate today.

Hire us to repair your malfunctioning unit

Our water heater repair technician can help extend the service life of your unit. That way, you can have a practically unlimited supply of hot water for years to come.

Reach out today to arrange for water heater repair services in the New Windsor or Campbell Hall, NY area.